Guitar Cabin treats customer service as a priority and makes every effort to provide a good quality, reliable and personal service to all it's customers.

In the interests of clarity and to provide good customer service, Guitar Cabin provides these General Terms and Conditions (T&C's)  which may be subject to change without notice. The website always has published the current T&C's.

Using the services of Guitar Cabin means the customer's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


All items for repair or estimate should be brought (by appointment only) to the Guitar Cabin workshop in SE19. Please call for address and directions.


Guitar Cabin does not provide customers with an instrument valuation service for resale or for insurance purposes. Guitar Cabin does not buy or re-sale guitars to customers.

Estimates & Repairs
All items sent for repair or service should be well protected e.g. in a gig bag or hard case with your customer contact details, fault description/work required.If you change contact number, please advise Guitar Cabin, an optional email address or backup number is helpful if avilable. available.

A verbal or written estimate will be provided free of charge that covers parts & labour.


Estimates rely on the price and availability of replacement parts at the time of the request which may vary over time.

The Estimate is provided on the understanding it can change whilst work progresses as occasionally an issue may unfold during the repair. Customers will be kept informed of any actual change in the cost if more than 15 percent. If the revised estimate has been refused or additional parts are no longer available or the customer changes his/her mind, the customer is liable for the full payment of the work carried out up to that point.

Guitar Cabin maintains a small stock of commonly used parts, however, we do not maintain an extensive supply. Where possible, replacement parts of same brand and/or similar quality will be ordered to meet the repair. For high value parts, advance payment may be required if the customer is not known to Guitar Cabin.

Guitar Cabin aims to complete work as quickly as possible, an approximate date when the repair should be ready is given and depends on the current work volume and the availability of parts/materials.

Guitar Cabin will do it's utmost to meet urgent repairs, in general, work is carried out on a first in, first out basis. Customers should make alternative arrangements in the event of an unforeseen delay. Guitar Cabin does it's best to manage the relative priority of work in the pipeline to meet customers demands.


Payment & Collection

All payments, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid in full when the instrument is collected.

Instruments cannot be released until full payment has been received. Only Cash,  PayPal Here card payments or bank transfer are accepted. Guitar Cabin does not accept personal cheques. Guitar Cabin does not provide any customers with credit.

Instruments will not be released to unauthorised third parties. Visitors will be asked to provide identification when picking up instruments if they did not drop them off in the first place. Customers will be able to test their instrument and be satisfied before settling their account. Guitar Cabin will make contact by phone or email to advise when collection is possible.


Instruments not collected within four weeks unless agreed by prior arrangement  will incur a holding fee @ £2 per week after the initial four week period being notified the repair is ready. After that time, if the full cost of the repair and holding charges have not been paid in full, the instrument may be sold to recoup/offset the debt. Any residual value will be retained and refunded to the customer when they make contact. 

Guitar Cabin warrants any repair made shall be free of defect in material and workmanship for the period of six calendar months after the completed repair.

This warranty does not cover any other faults not reported by the customer or prior work not carried out by Guitar Cabin or any new unrelated faults or breakages developed during the warranty period.

This warranty excludes wear and tear (such as crackly pots or jacks), physical damage due to incorrect use or misuse and any damage due to unauthorized repair or attempt to repair by the customer or third party.

Any new components fitted by Guitar Cabin will be guaranteed as per a manufacturer's guarantee if one is availabe, however, no guarantees are offered on second-hand or customer supplied parts or accessories.

All customer's property entrusted to Guitar Cabin will be treated with care and consideration. In any instance of loss/damage, Guitar Cabin's  liability will only be limited to the value of the specific items entrusted to it. Guitar Cabin recommends the instrument is protected in a case or gig bag, otherwise it cannot guarantee against any accidental damage in transit or in storage.


The customer should retain their drop off receipt and any payment receipt. Guitar Cabin accepts no liability for instruments purported to have been left or repaired unless a valid receipt/payment receipt is provided which are necessary for any warranty or remedial work..

Data Protection

Guitar Cabin will not share any customer data with third parties and will not be responsible for any customer information shared by customers,for example, when posting reviews to this website or on social media or on any advertising platforms.   


Last updated: 12/12/2019