Repair Services guide prices
(Prices don't include cost of strings or other parts)

String Replacement labour
Six String £7
Twelve string/Tremolo Bridge £15
(Packet of Six Strings from £5.50)  


Setup (check/adjust nut, saddle height and truss rod for best string action, adjust intonation. Polish frets, lemon oil fingerboard Fixed Bridge £25-£35 Tremolo £35-£40


Neck / Headstock Breaks  £50 - £85
Nut Replacement & slot cutting £20 - £30 

Neck Shimming, Heel Break / Neck Reset;
Depending on the severity of the break or type of reset required, prices between £60 - £120


Acoustic Guitar Bridge repair from £40 - £60

Acoustic Guitar Crack & Hole Repair
Stabilise cracks and repair small holes or dents & apply a finish. (Not an invisible finish). Prices from £30 and £20 per hour or part thereof.


Battery Box / Control Cavity Routing

Prices between £60 - £90 depending on size & complexity.

Electrical Repairs / Modifications /Rewiring / Clean Pots. Prices from £20 and £20 per hour or part thereof.


Partial fret replacement/fret levelling. £20 per hour.  (Full fret/fretboard replacement is not offered)